Julia Fosson is an encaustic painter in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. She developed a love for painting with wax and has never looked back to her original roots as an oil painter. Julia paints with a true passion for the process, experimenting with layered colors for incredibly brilliant backgrounds. Exploring her pieces close up, the viewer might notice embedded words or paper clippings. These intimate details allow Julia the freedom to express her creativity as well as allow the viewer to interpret their own meaning.

Her artistic drive and commitment to almost daily painting produces a vast array of original works constantly flowing on to her walls. With witty and well chosen titles as well as unexpected subject matter, i.e. her chairs, Julia's paintings are charming and unconventionally beautiful.

"Now, after nearly fifteen years of working in the medium, Julia says that she enjoys paintings because "the wax takes me
on a journey, it tells me where I’m going." For her, wax painting  is fun, exhilarating, and exhausting. It can change moment to moment or just simply happen. She loves painting with wax because it is always totally immediate and in the moment.

She loves the challenges of painting with wax as it quickly changes in form from liquid to solid. There is something about the textures and the way that light is captured in the wax. Most of her work has 15 to 25 layers of wax because she believes in
creating a work with a solid foundation. This technique and the way she heats the wax allows her to constantly dig and scrap at it until she's achieved an image that communicates the visual story she wants to tell.

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