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Richard Johnson

I paint contemporary abstract art that comes from the flow of intuition and a process of experimentation and exploration. Through an alchemy of learned technique and inspired observation I let the painting process offer cues that I follow as a painting unfolds. I sometimes incorporate representational elements that spark a personal feeling and integrate them into abstract textures and shapes. My primary medium is encaustic wax combined with other mediums to create luminous and deeply layered tactile images.

In a previous life I developed a strong background in design, color theory and working in various artistic mediums. My art/design education and professional career immersed me in a world that merged art and creativity with big-budget commercial media. After many successful years in that world I transitioned to

creating fine art. I now enjoy working each day in my self-built studio, fueled by passion, sensitivity and a longing to create art. My practice is always evolving and daily revelations excite me and inspire my work.

My art is in private collections in the United States, Asia, Europe and The Middle East and I have exhibited in galleries on both coasts of the U.S. I live and work surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in Black Mountain, North Carolina just across the valley from the site of the famed 1930's-50's arts mecca, Black Mountain College

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