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Tom Schneider

My work explores sculptural forms that weave together the divine and earthly realms. These wall sculptures are essentially shrines or chapels that express the beauty I experience in the duality of the eternal and finite. A place where the known and unknown exist as complements and harmonious partners. From their gilded chambers, they call to the infinite and from their delicately suspended pathways, they evoke the beauty of our impermanent world, and the many places in between. 


I love exploring new ways to make these sculptures transform from closed structures to open temples. I love the shimmer of light that peeks through the doors when they are cracked open. I love exploring new ways to delicately balance and suspend forms that echo the impermanence of the natural world and can express the precarious state of the earth.


I received my formal training as an illustrator from the Philadelphia College of Art. For more than 35 years I’ve been self-employed as an illustrator, graphic designer, sculptor, and painter. I now work from my studio in the historic Beaver Mill in North Adams, MA.

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