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“ The moment you notice my work, please keep your laser eyes on it and count to ten. Then, close your right eye and count to five while you keep looking. Then, close the left one and count to three. 

Thanks for the interesting conversation. ”



Balsam Abo Zour is a  Lebanese Visual Artist. She received her BFA In fine arts from Lebanese University of Fine Art (2008) and a Masters degree in Printmaking from ALBA (2012).  Balsam’s work evolved at Ashkal Alwan, where she maintained a studio space from 2013-2017 as part of its residency program. She has had solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Lebanon and Europe. 


Abo Zour’s work was shown at both the 32nd and 33rd Salon d’Automne at the Sursock Museum in Beirut, where in 2018 she earned a special mention from the jury.  She also spent 18 months in an incredible artist community called Mansion in Beirut where she learned the importance of sharing time and space with other artists, activists, and thinkers.


Abo Zour moved to Bozeman, Montana at the start of 2020 and joined Beall Street Studios where she shared a common space with talented ceramists who introduced her to the ceramic world. 

Now she is maintaining a workspace at Foundation Studios in Asheville, NC.

Before Bozeman, she was primarily a painter but now she is very attracted to working in sculpture. You will see in her work how the painting aspect blends in her sculpture. 

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