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I fell in love...

To say I fell hard is an understatement. It all started with a minor dalliance with stained glass, but alas, there was not a deep connection. I moved on to blown glass and I would say there was a serious infatuation, but I was looking for my soulmate, my true love.

On a whim I took a cast glass class. As I walked into the studio my knees went weak! My heart raced! My head started spinning...  Molds! Kilns! Buckets of colorful glass! Oh My! I went into a spiral of joy and uncertainty. Could I actually do this? The process is technical. I am not! It requires patience. I have little! But I finally found my soulmate. I fell hard and have been in a serious, often love-hate, mind blowing “relationship”ever since. 


I live in the gorgeous art community of Asheville, North Carolina, the gateway to the Great  Smoky Mountains. I share my space with Frank, AKA The Hubs.

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