Solo Show featuring David Sheldon

The Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery’s upcoming solo exhibition by David Sheldon, Affirmation and Renewal: Connecting With Nature.

During this troubling pandemic time, David Sheldon has turned his creative spirit, again and again, to the majesty and mystery of Nature as part of a spiritual foundation of affirmation and renewal. From taking long treks down into the thunderous Green River Gorge Narrows, to quiet evenings with a telescope trained on planets and stars; the Asheville area has provided an abundance of natural resources and inspiration for paintings and sculpture. Affirming, through the creative process, life’s positive flow, even through crisis, becomes a method for renewal of spirit and positive vision. This show is the result, and hopefully a welcome respite for visitors needing a break from current challenges. The exhibition will feature works in sculpture and paintings.

The exhibition will take place the Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery on Saturday, November 14 from 10am to 6pm, while the show itself will be up through November 28, 2020.


The Gallery is located at 123 Roberts Street in the River Arts District’s historic WEDGE building. Guests can enjoy the exhibition from November 14th – November 28th, Monday through Friday, 10am – 4pm and Saturday, 10am-5pm, the studio’s business hours. For more information on the exhibition and the Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery, please visit https://www.markbettisgallery.com or contact Mr. Bettis
at 941-587-9502 or markdbettis@gmail.com.