“Seen and Unseen: Guardians in Glass”

Glass Artist Deb Williams:
Ideas Translated Into Glass

Opening Reception September 21st, 2019
from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

at Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery

The Asheville River Arts District’s Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery will present a solo exhibition of stunning, thought provoking glass art by local artist Deb Williams entitled Seen and Unseen: Guardians in Glass. Williams takes the highly subjective concept of who and what a “guardian” can be – in our relationships, in our dreams and spirits, and in our everyday lives and runs with it artistically.

Larger Than Life
Asheville Artists Interpret the Figure

Opening Reception November 9, 2019
from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

at Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery

The Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery will host an exhibition of Asheville artists’ diverse approaches to the figure in Larger Than Life. Over a dozen artists will take on the wide-open and wonderful subjectivity of the “larger than life” theme, using a variety of media. The show is sure to elicit surprise, amusement, and contemplation from viewers as they drink in these works’ expansive interpretations.


The freedom within the “larger than life” premise allows the artists to break away from more literal and traditional figurative studies. The very phrase conjures countless subjective associations that accompany life’s rich moments, both mundane and momentous:


  • A satisfying, true belly laugh

  • Falling in love

  • Momentary intense joy

  • A single clear memory

  • Authentic self expression


The group of local artists whose works constitute Larger Than Life prove that, since life encompasses limitless thoughts, feelings, and experiences, the concept of approaching the figure artistically is equally immeasurable.


Bettis intentionally curated an array of works that capture the senses but spur interactive engagement as well – and with that, provoke the viewer’s emotional investment. “To be or experience something ‘larger than life’ isn’t just one thing, feeling, or person; we’ve all internalized different, but equally meaningful moments and this reality gives the show special power,” says Bettis. 

Artists in Show: Mark Bettis, Deb Williams, Rand Kramer, Joyce Thornburg, Angela Cunningham, Ray Fawley, René Roberts, Jesse Jason, Christopher Peterson, Melanie Norris Dulaney, Duane Potosky, Anna Koloseike, Ben Hamburger and Bruno Lenze


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