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Flood Plain

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Oil on wood panel

12"x 12"

New work by Asheville artist David Sheldon for his show "WE ARE THE MOUNTAINS"

David Sheldon, unveils a new selection of paintings and sculptures. Unabashedly sentimental, and overflowing with joy, the works in this exhibition celebrate the people, animals, and natural wonders of Western North Carolina. Whether one comes from a family that has lived here for generations, or is a newly arrived resident, the mountains, streams and forests of Western North Carolina hold a special place in peoples’ hearts here. The title of the show comes from a poem by mystic poet, Rumi, “We are the mountain. You are the sounds coming down”. Providing spiritual sanctuary, refuge, natural beauty and wonder, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a constant source of inspiration for local artists. Created with the heavily impastoed, and expressive use of oil paint that the artist is known for, the paintings depict moments of inspiration, or what Sheldon likes to call ‘ecstatic moments’ with people and nature.

His sculptural works explore, in three dimensions, the underlaying, universal forces of nature the artist experiences on his frequent hikes ‘up mountain’.

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