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Asher Holman grew up in San Francisco, California and was first exposed to glass while in high school. He began taking classes at Public Glass in San Francisco and went on to pursue glassblowing at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. After earning his bachelor’s degree he moved to Asheville to work as a glass artist employed by Lexington Glassworks. He worked full time for three years there and has now moved on to making his own art and products. Asher’s main interests are in product design, decorative vessels, and sculptures created by stacking multiple components.


These sculptures are abstracted from the form of a stack of rocks, known as a Cairn. My experience with Cairns come from the 4 weeks I spent backpacking with a small group over the continental divide in the Wind River mountain range in Wyoming. While out in the wilderness navigating without trails we would occasionally come across these stacks of rocks that signified someone had been there before. They often looked very precarious yet balanced, leaving me wondering how the wind and rain that we were experiencing had not toppled them in the unknown amount of time they were standing there. Over the past few years I have been making these abstracted Cairns to capture that feeling of balance and amazement of how this fragile object has managed to exist. As well as leaving my own markers out in the world for people to come across and enjoy.